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Coronavirus Multiplies Across Australia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East

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In Australia, officials are tracking down thousands of passengers who left a Princess Cruise ship in Sydney after four people tested positive with COVID-19.

Prince Albert II of Monaco has become the first head of state to announce a positive test.

In Latin America, El Salvador and Nicaragua have reported their first confirmed cases, while South America has nearly 1,000 confirmed infections; Brazil, Chile and Peru all report hundreds of infections. Venezuela has also announced a nationwide quarantine.

In South Africa, government officials plan to install a 25-mile fence on the border with Zimbabwe to block entry to undocumented immigrants as part of an “emergency measure” to contain the spread of coronavirus. There are now more than 700 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Africa.

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has suspended all prayers in overflow arenas outside holy sites in Mecca and Medina.

Meanwhile, Netflix and YouTube say they’ll reduce the quality of their streaming video services in Europe, as millions of people on lockdown in Italy, Spain and other countries have dramatically increased their internet use.

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