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New York City Workers Dig Mass Graves Amid Surge of COVID-19 Deaths

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In New York, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has topped 160,000, with a record 799 deaths reported in just 24 hours — though that doesn’t include scores of people who died in their homes over the same period. The pace of deaths in New York now exceeds any country in the world except the United States as a whole.

On Hart Island in the Bronx, workers in hazmat suits are burying the bodies of dozens of unclaimed coronavirus victims in mass graves each day.

The New York Daily News reports nurses at at least three New York City hospitals who’ve tested positive for coronavirus are being asked to work while sick.

At the White House, top coronavirus task force scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci said there are signs the pace of new infections in New York is falling, as social distancing measures begin to bear fruit.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “I think yesterday was something like 200 new hospitalizations, and it’s been as high as 1,400 at any given time. So that is going in the right direction. I say that, and I always remind myself when I say that, that means that what we are doing is working, and therefore we need to continue to do it.”

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